2-bedded Suite

The new two-bedded suite offers a home away from home housed on the 2nd level of the centre. It is an epitome of comfort and coziness and an exclusive space conducive for a therapeutic stay.

A Place for a Comfortable Stay with More Privacy

The spacious suite, drawing from a space large enough for a five-bedded ward, comes complete with a view of lush greenery. The suite is furnished with an en-suite bathroom with an adjoining washroom, making some activities of daily living an ease. The suite is an ideal place for small gatherings of family and friends, allowing them to busk in the comfort offered by well-equipped air-conditioners, entertainment from television sets exclusive for each resident, and bond over light meals or snacks prepared easily from the personal kitchen appliances available.

  • Furniture in the room can be arranged to suit their lifestyle and to give the residents the simple pleasure they would enjoy in their own home.
  • Medical and nursing care is also unrivaled to any other. Our professional team of experienced and trusted nursing and allied health staff are available round the clock to provide a comprehensive range of services.
  • Medical escort services are also available to help residents keep up with their medical appointments or health checks at healthcare institutions.
  • Residents can enjoy exclusive rehabilitative programme in the privacy of the suite. A host of programme, specially planned for stay-in clients are also available to keep them connected socially and live well.

The two-bedded suite is available at United Medicare Centre (Elizabeth Drive)

For inquiries, please call 82281928 or email: [email protected]