No Visitors Allowed until 30 April

Dear Caregivers,

As of 31st March, there are a total number of 926 Covid-19 reported cases in Singapore.

Case 918 is a resident at a nursing home at 1 Thomson Lane. The 86-year-old woman is unlinked to any cases at the moment. She was tested positive for COVID-19 on 31st March and is currently in an isolation room in the hospital.

Singapore enters a new phase of Covid-19 community transmission.

United Medicare Centre (UMC) is taking the community spread very seriously. In the past months, we have taken many precaution measures to minimise the potential exposure to our residents who are elderly and most vulnerable. The measures had been taken include:

  • Cancellation of group outings
  • Cancellation of volunteers’ visits
  • Cancellation of all external events
  • Temperature taking twice a day for the residents and staff
  • Reducing the number of visitors and limiting visiting hours.
  • Cancellation of home leave
  • Implementation of safe distancing

The impact of residents in a nursing home being infected can be very detrimental. UMC management has conducted a careful risk assessment and decided that we shall NOT ALLOW VISITORS from 2nd April till 30th April. We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation for the enhanced measures taken.

We understand that you and family members’ emotional support to the resident is very important, so we encourage you to call our residents’ mobile phones if they have to chat with them daily.

For residents who do not have mobile phones, our centre staff will have allocated time slots for you to call or video chat with your loved ones staying in UMC.

If you need any assistant with calling or video chat, please contact the respective centre, our colleagues will be there to assist you.







  • 取消团体郊游
  • 取消志愿者访问
  • 取消所有外部事件
  • 居民和工作人员每天要取两次温度
  • 减少访客数量并限制访问时间
  • 取消外出或回家假期
  • 实施安全间隔

一旦居民在康复中心院中受到感染,后果的危害性会严重。爱心康复中心(UMC)管理层进行了认真的风险评估,并决定 从4 月 2日到30日我们不允许访客进入。我们希望您对采取的增强措施给与了解与合作。