Drama Series – When Duty Calls

United Medicare Centre (Elizabeth Drive) has been featured in a local drama series “When Duty Call (为国先锋)”, cast in Channel 8 on 31 July 2017.

When Duty Call (为国先锋) is a high-spirited drama sets military life as the background, as it evolves around the lives of different army vocational personnel but not forgetting to showcase different trainings and army exercises in every episode. The elements of this drama range from romance, brotherhood to family ties and starts on a high climax with a massive army exercise and peaks with a terrorist attack in Singapore.

United Medicare Centre are grateful to be part of the scenes which capturing the essence of ‘The UMC philosophy model of care’: Person-centered care, Family involvement, Staying engaged with the community, Purposeful and meaningful activities.

United Medicare Centre welcome volunteers and other contributions from the community to enrich the lives of the residents with meaningful activities and social interactions.

Source: http://tv.toggle.sg/en/channel8/shows/when-duty-calls-tif/info

Nurses’ Merit Award 2017

Nurses’ Merit Award is awarded to nurses who have demonstrated outstanding performance for the past three years and making contribution to promote the nursing profession.

United Medicare Centre’s Senior Enrolled Nurse, Ms Lim Hong Khoon, Lilly, was among 100 recipients of Nurses’ Merit Award 2017, recognised for their outstanding service. A presentation ceremony and luncheon was held at Mariott Hotel Singapore on 7 July 2017 for them. SEN Lilly Lim was presented with the Nurses’ Merit Award badge by Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health.

“I have been a nurse for 29 years. I have always been passionate about nursing since my teenage years.

I was inspired by Mother Teresa. I admired her devotion to caring for the sick and dying people. She once said, “Do small things with great love.”. I vowed to be like her by becoming a nurse, to use my profession to care for those who are sick and needy.

My memorable event was at United Medicare Centre. I remembered a resident who was blind. He refused to take medication and rejected nursing care. After I had developed a rapport and trust with him, he felt secure and did not refuse medication anymore. Although he could not see, the moment when I spoke, he could recognise my voice. He regarded me as his daughter and appreciated for what I had done for him.

Being a nurse enables me to help others and makes a difference in someone’s life.”

Ms Lim Hong Khoon, Lilly, Senior Enrolled Nurse, United Medicare Centre: MOH Nurses’ Merit Award Recipient 2017

Congratulations to all recipients and their institutions!

Source: https://www.moh.gov.sg/content/moh_web/home/pressRoom/pressRoomItemRelease/2017/100-nurses-recognised-with-nurses-merit-award.html

Appointment of Preceptors

On 29 June 2017, there are a total of 21 staff across 3 facilities of United Medicare Centre (Toa Payoh, Eilzabeth Drive and Queensway), were appointed as Preceptor at the Preceptor Appointment Ceremony held at Queensway.

The preceptor are appointed to staff who have demonstrate strong performance and showing patience, good communication and interpersonal skills in the organisation.

As the newly appoint Preceptors, the staff will provide guidance and advice regarding the aspects of working at United Medicare Centre. He / she will be the role model, leader, influencer, evaluator and protector to the apprentice staff. This is also to expedite the process of assimilation especially for the new foreign staff that will help them in acclimatise to Singapore culture and norms.

Congratulations to all Preceptors!