Resumption of Face-to-Face Visitation and Home Leave

Following the advisory from AIC, face-to-face visitation and home leave will resume, the resumption is for those who are fully vaccinated, residents and visitors inclusive. You will receive a notification from the centre nearer the date for information on the opening of visitation dates and timing.

Face to face visitation 

In order to provide each resident with the opportunity to meet their loved one, the caregiver can nominate up to 4 fully vaccinated visitors, and 1 assigned visitor amongst the 4 is allowed to make a booking for the day with visitation capped at 30 mins per time slot.

  • All visitors must produce their fully vaccinated status and visitors are strongly encouraged to do self-test ART within 24 hours before the visit. Home will no longer be providing an ART kit.
  • Visitors who are permitted to visit must wear a surgical mask at all times while at our premises.
  • You are also advised to practise good hand hygiene and to use the hand sanitisers provided in the homes. Please observe safe distancing of at least one meter when visiting to minimise the risk of infection.

Home Leave limited to the condition as following: 

  • Consent from Indemnitor/resident must be obtained by signing the Home Leave/Outing Form and letter of undertaking prior to leaving the facility
  • Advanced notice in writing must be given 3 days prior to the request 
  • Only two caregivers are allowed to enter the premise of our home to pick up the resident.
  • Home leave is not permitted should anyone living in the same residence be tested Covid-19 positive, on Health Risk Notice (HRN), or unwell with fever and/or symptoms of acute respiratory infection (ARI) and/or infectious disease. 
  • While on home leave, avoid going to crowded places and locations such as restaurants, hawkers, shopping malls, gardens and parks etc. 
  • To adhere to prevailing Safe Management Measures (SMMs) in the community such as social gatherings of up to 10 persons per gathering. 
  • Ensure that a surgical mask (preferred) is worn at all times in public places.
  • Practice good hand and personal hygiene at all times. 
  • Download and activate the Trace Together app for your loved one on home leave
  • Please see a doctor if you or the resident is unwell.
  • Please inform us immediately should anyone who came in contact with the resident during the period of home leave, develop fever and/or ARI symptoms, is tested positive for Covid-19, or is diagnosed with an infectious disease during the period of home leave or in the two days from the date the resident return to the nursing home. 

The past two years have been unprecedented for us all. We are so thankful that you’ve remained with us on the journey and we seek your continued support for the precautionary measures taken. Please contact us at 6760 1555 should you need any further clarifications.

Thank you.

Management of United Medicare Centre

Resumption of Face-to-face visitations at Nursing Homes

We recognise that it has been a difficult period for family members and Caregivers who wish to visit your loved ones at our nursing homes during the Circuit Breaker and in Phase 1 of Post-circuit Breaker. The Multi-Ministry Taskforce has recently announced plans to move from Phase 1 Post-circuit Breaker to Phase 2, hence, visits to nursing homes will resume gradually and cautiously from 19th June 2020.

As seniors are especially vulnerable, we will be extra careful and put additional precautionary measures in place to protect our residents as more activities resume. We will continue to keep up with infection control practices and safe distancing measures, therefore upon entry to our Centre, you will be required for health declaration, temperature screening and signing in to Safe-Entry App to Check-in and Check-Out from the vicinity.

To minimize the risk of infection in the Centre, each resident will be allowed a total of two designated visitors, and only one may visit each day, with each visit limited to 30 minutes. Visitors should not visit if unwell and wear a mask at all time when you are in the Centre. In addition, total number of visitors allowed each day in the Centre will be capped.

You may contact our Admin Office at the respective Centre to register the two designated visitors and arrange for the visitation appointment in advance. No visitors will be allowed with no prior appointment.

Meanwhile, we will still keep our Video Calls open, do call us in advance to book the time slot.

We seek your kind understanding of the above, visitors who disregard the rules will be turned away. And we will review these visitor management measures and may adjust accordingly. Once again, we would like to appeal to your patience and kind understanding.

As always, we wish you and your love ones safe and well.

Elevated Covid-19 Precautionary Measures in Nursing Home

Dear Caregivers,

In our letter dated 1st April 2020, we elaborated the various level of precautionary measures that have been implemented in United Medicare Centre (UMC) in response to the COVID-19 since January 2020.

We would like to further update on the development and situation in our Nursing Home. With the virus spread in the community in Singapore, enhanced measures have been implemented throughout our centres since the circuit breaker on 8th April, e.g. spilt zone allowing residents and staff interaction only within the same zone.

As Nursing Home residents are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, we will also step up our precautionary surveillance. Residents with fever, respiratory symptoms suggestive of pneumonia, we will manage the situation with heightened vigilance by carrying out the necessary testing with doctor’s consultation.

On 21st April, the Prime Minister announced that the circuit breaker will be extended till 1st June 2020. With that, please be informed that we will extend our NO VISITORS till Circuit Break is over or further advice from Ministry of Health.

We strongly encourage you to continue to stay in touch with your loved one in our nursing home through phone call and video call.




由于年长居民特别容易感染COVID-19 冠状病毒,因此我们还将加强预防性监视。患有发烧,呼吸道症状提示肺炎的居民,我们将通过与医生协商进行必要的检查,以提高警惕性的方式处理这种情况。