Kitchen Lead

Job Description & Requirements

The Kitchen Lead plans, co-ordinates and carries out the work involved in the day-to-day operations of the food service to ensure that the nutritional value and quality of meals meets the required statutory requirements and standards.


Food Services Activities

  • Meet the nutrition needs of the residents with regular collaboration and direction from a consultant dietician and the nursing team
  • Oversee the preparation and organization of the meal distribution
  • Oversee the preparation of ‘special diets’ that are ordered by a medical practitioner or consultant dietician and ensure that these orders are regularly reviewed thoroughly by the nursing team
  • Plan special meals for festive occasions and other significant events

Standard Compliance

  • Be responsible for all safety (both food and environmental) practices and policies
  • Conduct regular checks on the quality and quantity of both cooked and uncooked foods
  • Ensure food is properly transferred and stored at the correct temperatures
  • Ensure storage areas are of the correct temperatures
  • Ensure storage areas are clean, free from pests and odour free
  • Ensure all equipment is clean
  • Ensure sufficient quantity of food and requested diets are provided for residents
  • Be responsible for maintaining sanitary handing of food
  • Ensure that members of the kitchen team wash their hands regularly and are aware of hygiene policies
  • Ensure that all food safety procedures are adhered to


  • Order sufficient stock to ensure that food served to both residents and employees are of the right quality and quantity
  • Manpower roster planning
  • Perform regular audits to ensure kitchen is in compliance with all kitchen operations regulations
  • Ensure all SOPs are strictly adhered to
  • Participate in the planning, management and justification of budget and resources in consultation with Supervisor
  • Orientate new staff and management of kitchen staff
  • Undertake any other responsibilities as directed by the Supervisor


  • Basic Food Hygiene certificate (WSQ Follow Food & Beverage Safety & Hygiene Policies and Procedures)
  • Certificate in Food Hygiene Audit
  • 3 years of cooking experience in a commercial setting
  • 1 year of experience supervising team members in a commercial setting
  • Possess initiative and drive
  • Able to interact effectively in a multi-cultural environment
  • Able to work well independently
  • People – Centered
  • Able to coach and lead subordinates
  • Basic Microsoft Excel/Word skill is an advantage

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