Frequently Asked Questions

Admission & Referrals

United Medicare Centre is a private nursing home, we provide residential care to assist the residents in their activities of daily living and nursing care needs. All our facilities are accredited by the Ministry of Health to offer the Portable Subsidy Scheme.

For Private Placement

Documents below are required for pre-assessment and validity of the documents must not be more than 6 months prior to the application;

  • Latest medical report or medical memo which states the medical conditions, drug or food allergies inclusive
  • List of medication that patient is on
  • Chest X-ray report

For Subsidy Placement

You may require the assistance of a Medical Social Worker to assist in your application as a referral from AIC is required, alternatively, you may approach AICare Link for more information, link for your reference

Once we have accepted the case for assessment, it generally takes about less than 10 days to admission.

Please feel free to approach our CARES executives for more details.

Nursing home rates are subject to the care needs of the resident; kindly contact us, we will advise you on the estimated fees based on the level of care required for your loved one.

Besides nursing care, we offer basic rehabilitation, medical care, dietary service, and speech therapy service (if needed). These care plans are designed to meet the needs of our residents. We will also provide recreational activities to improve our residents’ physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being.

Our Services include:

  • Basic nursing care (bathing, feeding, toileting)
  • Serving medication
  • 5 meals (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper)
  • Therapy services (e.g., basic physiotherapy, speech therapy)
  • Recreational activities

Meals that we provide are well balanced, essential for good health and nutrition, it is cut in bite-size recommended by our dietician for easy chewing. And we serve food with no pork and no lard at all our centres.

Some residents may have special dietary requirements due to their medical conditions; we normally consult the dietitian for recommendations.  We understand that some residents prefer home or hawker food. For residents who are able to take a normal diet, we welcome family members to bring their own food.

Nursing & Rehab

Yes, residents with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) will be referred to Speech Therapist for assessment. The therapist will recommend food be processed in a special texture according to the severity of the resident’s condition.

When oral feeding becomes a high risk of choking (aspiration) and causes other associated problems, e.g. chest infection (aspiration pneumonia), a feeding tube will be recommended. Our care staff members are well trained in tube feeding and change of feeding tube.

For bedridden residents, the care staff will help the residents to change body position regularly so that the pressure-prone body areas, are not under constant pressure. In addition to care protocols, like skin cleaning and supporting a healthy immune system, an air mattress is recommended to provide good circulation and reduce pressure points. Dietitian also reviews bedridden residents regularly to assess their nutrition need to prevent skin breakdown.

We will assist to arrange transportation for hospital/polyclinic follow-up appointments. Caregivers are encouraged to attend the appointments, as the doctor may provide some advice relayed only to family members.

Memory Care for Dementia refers to specialized settings offering stepped-up services for people with Alzheimer’s. Good memory care engages residents and gives them space to be active, promotes their physical and emotional well-being and doesn’t overly rely on medication.

Secured units, alarm devices, and enclosed outdoor areas to keep people safe from wandering are only part of the picture.

Trained Staff to understand the needs of people with dementia, who can lose the ability to communicate in normal ways yet still respond to verbal cues and sensory stimulation.

There are various fun-filled activities that promote memory care such as Mind Start Activity like puzzles, Board Games doing picture pairing, Bingo, Mah-jong, Social & Recreational activities like karaoke and outdoor games.

Besides cognitive works, we have also incorporated general body conditioning exercise, physiotherapy, and therapeutic activities in accordance with the care plan for each resident to keep them active, retain and improve their quality of life.

Yes, this will allow our staff to identify the resident. We provide inhouse laundry service to wash used uniforms, bed sheets, blankets, towels provided by UMC

We do have a significant portion of foreign care staff. All staff members are trained in basic conversational English. We also ensure that there is always someone who can speak English well during each shift. When needed, we have other staff members to help in translation for only dialect-speaking residents.