Precaution Measures for COVID-19

Dear caregivers/visitors,

As COVID-19 has become a pandemic situation, cases are still reported almost daily in Singapore.

United Medicare Centre (UMC) is taking all the precaution measures recommended very seriously to minimise the potential exposure to our residents who are elderly and vulnerable. The measures have been taken include:

  1. Cancellation of group outings
  2. Cancellation of volunteers’ visits
  3. Cancellation of all external events
  4. Temperature taking twice a day for the residents and staff
  5. Reducing the number of visitors. Caregivers who accompany/visit our residents will have to register with us before being allowed entry. We will only be able to allow one visitor for each resident at a time.
  6. Reducing the visiting hours from three times a day to twice a day with effect from 23 March 2020. Our visiting hours will be: 9:00am – 11:00am / 2:30pm – 4:00pm

We will be asking all visitors for personal details, health status and travel history. Anyone with the following conditions will be declined to enter our facility:

  • are unwell (i.e. have respiratory symptoms, cough, shortness of breath); or
  • have travelled overseas in the last 14 days (with effect from 21 st March 2020).

On behalf of UMC management, staff and residents, we truly appreciate your understanding and working with us to better provide a safer environment for our residents.




  1. 取消团体郊游
  2. 取消志愿者访问
  3. 取消所有外部事件
  4. 居民和工作人员每天要测两次温度
  5. 减少访客人数。陪同/访问我们居民的访客必须与我们注册后方可来访。我们一次只能为每位居民允许一位访客。
  6. 从2020年3月23日开始,将探访时间从每天三次减少到每天两次。我们的探访时间将是: 9:00 am -11:00 am / 2:30 pm -4:00 pm


  • 身体不适(如有呼吸道症状,咳嗽,呼吸急促);要么
  • 最近14天内曾出国旅行 (从2020年三月二十一日起)。


Elderly Care Singapore

What are the important features of elderly care facilities?

It is estimated that the elderly population of Singapore would double by 2030, leading it to a staggering number of 9, 00,000! This would have many implications. Most importantly this would create surging demands for health care services for the elderly people. In this light, it might be a sound idea to understand what the specific aspects of elderly care are. Other than quality medical services, the domain of old age health incorporates several elements that ensure all round healing and well-being.

Physical care:

This is the first specialization for any health care set-up. Again, it needs to be specialized for the group that is targeted, the elderly in this case. Aging imposes several physical restrictions that make medical treatment complex. Old age healthcare, therefore, involves expertise and professional experience in dealing with elderly patients. Any treatment needs application based upon fragility and existing health conditions.

Moral support:

The staff in an old age nursing home should have social skills and empathy along with professional skills. This is required for dealing with aged patients who need to be attended with compassion and dignity. Elderly people often suffer from a sense of incompetency, which increases while they are sick. A degree of empathy is needed to make such a person feel at ease and help in recovery. This forms another important pillar in specialization.

Social engagement and emotional support:

A nursing home or health institution for the aged provides a scope for social interaction among like-minded or similar individuals, to a certain degree. There is a lower probability of a person feeling out of place because the social group belongs to the same age group, with some common problems and hence creates a sense of identification. Interaction among such people along with some engagements and entertaining activities (often provided by the health care center) render a positive support in recovery.

Family support:

Family support is important for the elderly patients who enroll for recovery. An elderly person often retracts from social involvement due to age. For this reason, a bigger involvement takes place with family members who take care of them to a large extent. For elderly patients, it is important that they continue to feel being part of their family and an elderly nursing home would make sure that such connection remains in continuity. Family involvement in every matter, including recovery updates and treatment courses, should form a vital part in helping a patient and his or her family.

The above mentioned features indicate health care should always focus on specializations based upon diversity. It is understood, that for elderly care Singapore needs constant improvisations for the rising aging population of society.


Elderly Home in Singapore

Elderly Home in Singapore

Common health issues of elderly people

Old age is just not about greying hair, poor eyesight and wrinkles. With age, the human body gradually loses its vitality and aging creates several health issues. Among the plethora of health problems relating to age, following are the very common ones that are encountered:

  1. Obesity

Obesity is no longer a problem restricted to old age; however fat accumulation tendencies exist as we grow older. For women menopause comes along with weight gain. Men too gain weight, which is related to sedentary lifestyle. Obesity leads to other health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems.

  1. Arthritis

Joint pain and variety of arthritis is experienced among the elderly because the lubrication gets reduced in the joint areas. This makes joint movements very painful. While lack of exercise is a reason, past injury can also manifest as arthritis in later years.

  1. Physical injuries

Old age is associated with reduced bone density (commonly causing osteoporosis) and frail physique. This makes physical injuries quite grave. Often a minor tripping and falling can cause fractures or even turn fatal. Again, the physical degeneration can be controlled by quitting unhealthy practices like smoking and drinking in one’s youth.

  1. Cognitive problems

Forgetfulness, inability to grasp information and delayed mental processing is something common with senility. Dementia is very common among health problems faced by elderly people. Cognitive dysfunction has a greater tendency of occurrence if there is practice of drug abuse, alcoholism and smoking. Reportedly, dementia has no cure; a doctor can only give some suggestive medications for managing the problem.

  1. Impairment of senses

Losing one’s ability to hear and see is a natural occurrence in old age. It greatly affects daily life, however it’s not a difficult problem to solve since the remedies are easily available.  Hearing aids and spectacles are the popular solutions to such problems.

  1. Dental problems

Degeneration of dental health is another common problem with old age. Cavities, tooth decay, not taking care of teeth, lead to loss of natural teeth. The result is that people over 60 often have to get replacements or undergo dental procedures to relieve themselves.

  1. Bladder control and bowel problems

Elderly people often face problems in bladder control. It’s not a complicated problem but may be associated with other health conditions. Bowel problems are also common because of unhealthy eating habits. This includes gastritis, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Despite several health concerns, an elderly person can have all such problems taken care in an elderly home, where regular checkups and personalised treatments take place. For a premier elderly home Singapore now has a place like United Medicare Center with expanding health services across several locations.

Nurses’ Day 2017

Every year on 1 August, United Medicare Centre celebrate Nurses’ Day to honour and recognise the contribution of nurses. The nursing staff renewed their commitment to serve and care for the residents as they recite the Nurses’ Pledge.

Nursing is more than just passion to serve but also to go that extra mile, to go beyond to care. It is a journey with many challenges along with rewards as well. The rewards may come in forms of just a smile; an acknowledgement, a pat on the shoulder or words of “thank you”.

On behalf of all the residents and the management of United Medicare Centre,

Thank you for your dedication and efforts, making a loving and welcoming home for the residents and a good workplace to learn and grow together as one united family.

Wishing all nurses a Happy Nurses’ Day.

Drama Series – When Duty Calls

United Medicare Centre (Elizabeth Drive) has been featured in a local drama series “When Duty Call (为国先锋)”, cast in Channel 8 on 31 July 2017.

When Duty Call (为国先锋) is a high-spirited drama sets military life as the background, as it evolves around the lives of different army vocational personnel but not forgetting to showcase different trainings and army exercises in every episode. The elements of this drama range from romance, brotherhood to family ties and starts on a high climax with a massive army exercise and peaks with a terrorist attack in Singapore.

United Medicare Centre are grateful to be part of the scenes which capturing the essence of ‘The UMC philosophy model of care’: Person-centered care, Family involvement, Staying engaged with the community, Purposeful and meaningful activities.

United Medicare Centre welcome volunteers and other contributions from the community to enrich the lives of the residents with meaningful activities and social interactions.


Nurses’ Merit Award 2017

Nurses’ Merit Award is awarded to nurses who have demonstrated outstanding performance for the past three years and making contribution to promote the nursing profession.

United Medicare Centre’s Senior Enrolled Nurse, Ms Lim Hong Khoon, Lilly, was among 100 recipients of Nurses’ Merit Award 2017, recognised for their outstanding service. A presentation ceremony and luncheon was held at Mariott Hotel Singapore on 7 July 2017 for them. SEN Lilly Lim was presented with the Nurses’ Merit Award badge by Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health.

“I have been a nurse for 29 years. I have always been passionate about nursing since my teenage years.

I was inspired by Mother Teresa. I admired her devotion to caring for the sick and dying people. She once said, “Do small things with great love.”. I vowed to be like her by becoming a nurse, to use my profession to care for those who are sick and needy.

My memorable event was at United Medicare Centre. I remembered a resident who was blind. He refused to take medication and rejected nursing care. After I had developed a rapport and trust with him, he felt secure and did not refuse medication anymore. Although he could not see, the moment when I spoke, he could recognise my voice. He regarded me as his daughter and appreciated for what I had done for him.

Being a nurse enables me to help others and makes a difference in someone’s life.”

Ms Lim Hong Khoon, Lilly, Senior Enrolled Nurse, United Medicare Centre: MOH Nurses’ Merit Award Recipient 2017

Congratulations to all recipients and their institutions!


Appointment of Preceptors

On 29 June 2017, there are a total of 21 staff across 3 facilities of United Medicare Centre (Toa Payoh, Eilzabeth Drive and Queensway), were appointed as Preceptor at the Preceptor Appointment Ceremony held at Queensway.

The preceptor are appointed to staff who have demonstrate strong performance and showing patience, good communication and interpersonal skills in the organisation.

As the newly appoint Preceptors, the staff will provide guidance and advice regarding the aspects of working at United Medicare Centre. He / she will be the role model, leader, influencer, evaluator and protector to the apprentice staff. This is also to expedite the process of assimilation especially for the new foreign staff that will help them in acclimatise to Singapore culture and norms.

Congratulations to all Preceptors!

Official Opening Elizabeth Drive’ New Wing 2017

United Medicare Centre (Elizabeth Drive) was established in June 2012 with 138 beds. On 2 April 2017, United Medicare Centre has announced the official opening at Elizabeth Drive’s New Wing, to support the elderly community, especially those within the South West District, with an extension building of 110 beds.

Together with 200 guests, the opening was graced by Ms Low Yen Ling, Mayor of South West District, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Trade and Industry, Adviser to Bukit Gombak GROs and MP for Chua Chu Kang GRC.

United Medicare Centre are grateful to be able to collaborate with the partners in the healthcare industry, to provide free health screening, such as general eye screening, blood glucose and blood pressure measurement, for residents in the area, and the larger community of South West CDC.